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Celtic Tomes:                     Readings from Bygone Books

Gary & Ruth bring you readings from the Classic Books of Celtic Lore and Study

Nov 29, 2017

Wedding Customs

British Goblins: Welsh Folk Lore, Fairy Mythology, Legends and Traditions (1881)

Book 3 Chapter 6


Wirt Sikes

Ancient Wedding Customs of the Welsh, including the custom of bidding for wedding gifts and the importance of the person doing the Bidding! We learn how to steal a Bride away and how to reform a wife who hen-pecks her husband.

  • Wedding Customs 0:54
  • The Bidding 1:36
  • The Gwahoddwr 3:55
  • Forms of Cymmhorth 7:32
  • Horse-Weddings 9:43
  • Stealing of a Bride 11:24
  • Obstructions to the Bridal Party 14:20
  • The Gwyntyn 14:32
  • Chaining 15:10
  • Evergreen Arches 16:56
  • Strewing Flowers 17:45
  • Throwing Rice and Shoes 18:00
  • Rosemary in the Garden 20:22
  • Names after Marriage 23:36
  • The Coolstrin 24:10
  • The Ceffyl Pren 27:49

Names Used in this Section

All proper names and words in Welsh or other languages are recorded here in the show-notes and we've done our best to get the pronunciations right for you.

Ceffyl Pren
Pembroke, Cardigan and Carmarthen
Ty'r Bwci
Llanfair ar y Bryn
Owen Gwynt
Elen Morgan
Llewelyn & Margaret Gwynt
Evan Gwyn, Maes y Blodau
Gwladys & Hannah
Mary Bowen, Llwyn y Fedwen, llannon
Rhys Morgan, Castell y Moch
Howel, Gruffydd, & Gwenllian Morgan
Pant y Clacwydd
Cwrw da
Nos Blaen
Priodas Cymmhorth
Cyfarfod Cymmhorth
Merry Andrew

The Gwahoddwr

Pic: The Old-Time Gwahoddwr

'toujours trop tard'
'Les Brigands'

Gwrando, leidr hoyw'r ddafad,
Ai ti sydd yma heddyw'n geidwad?
Ai dyna y rheswmcloi y drysau
Rhag dwyn y wreigan liw dydd goleu

Sabine Virgins
Rector of Merthyr
Mr. & Mrs. Jones of Glandennis
Roberts of the Dingle
Williams of Pwlldu
Jones of Nevada
John Thomas
Betty Willkiams
Dick Shon
skimitry or skimmington
Clos (breeches)


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