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Celtic Tomes:                     Readings from Bygone Books

Gary & Ruth bring you readings from the Classic Books of Celtic Lore and Study

Aug 23, 2017

The Spirit World

British Goblins: Welsh Folk Lore, Fairy Mythology, Legends and Traditions (1881)

Book 2 Chapter 1


Wirt Sikes

In this episode, we look at the similarities between Welsh Ghosts and American Spiritualism, as well as how the ghosts can be classified. Sikes tells us the story of Lady Stradling's ghost, the legend of Catrin Gwynn, the story of the Haunted Bridge and Cadogan's ghost. He finishes the episode by discussing the laws of the Welsh Spirit-World and how the duties that cause ghosts to walk once more upon the earth.

Running Order:

  • Section 1 1:15
    • Modern Superstition regarding Ghosts 1:50
    • American 'Spiritualism' 4:21
  • Section 2 7:17
    • Welsh Beliefs 7:21
  • Section 3 10:22
    • Classification of Welsh Ghosts 10:26
  • Section 4 11:30
    • Departed Mortals 11:33
    • Haunted Houses 12:42
    • Lady Stradling's Ghost 14:28
  • Section 5 15:42
    • The Haunted Bridge 15:46
    • The Legend of Catrin Gwyn 16:38
  • Section 6 18:07
    • Didactic Purpose in Cambrian Apparitions 18:12
    • An Insulted Corpse 18:22
  • Section 7 19:59
    • Duty-performing Ghosts 20:04
  • Section 8 23:45
    • Laws of the Spirit-World 23:50
    • Cadogan's Ghosts 25:28


Names Used in this Section

All proper names, and words in Welsh or other languages, are recorded here in the show-notes and we've done our best to get the pronounciations right for you.

Lady Stradling
Catrin Gwyn
(Thomas) Cadogan
Newburyport, Mass.
New Bedford
Hardvard College
Prophet Jones
Wesley & Luther
Arsinoe (umlaut) of Herodotus
Ebbw Vale, Glamorganshire
Duffryn House, Cardiff
Sir Thomas Button
St. Donat's Castle
Pont Cwnca Bach, Yscanhir, Carmethenshire
Yn enw y daioni, peidiwch (in the name of heaven, sir, don't go!)
White Catti of the Grove Cave
Gelli Gogo
Tregaron, Cardiganshire
Mrs. Morgan of Newport
Hob y deri dando
Noe, Pembrokeshire
Walter John Harry
Ebwy Fawr
Morgan Lewis
Llanvihangel Llantarnam


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