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Celtic Tomes:                     Readings from Bygone Books

Gary & Ruth bring you readings from the Classic Books of Celtic Lore and Study

Nov 8, 2017

Midsummer Eve to Hallowe'en

British Goblins: Welsh Folk Lore, Fairy Mythology, Legends and Traditions (1881)

Book 3 Chapter 3


Wirt Sikes

All about Midsummer Eve and the Beltane Fires that precede it leading up to Hallowe'en. Sikes tells us about the Three Nights for Spirits that occur at Halloween - a time at which ghosts and fairies walk abroad. He also talks about bobbing for apples and the Fourth of July celebrations in the States, Guy Fawkes' Night and how important it is that it never be forgotten.

  • Midsummer Eve 0:56
  • The Druidic Ceremonies at Pontypridd 1:56
  • The Snake Stone 3:40
  • Beltane Fires 4:32
  • Fourth of July Fires in America 4:42
  • St. Ulric's Day 6:10
  • Carrying Cynog 6:44
  • Marketing on Tombstones 8:06
  • The First Night of Winter 8:28
  • The Three Nights for Spirits 8:40
  • The Tale of Thomas Williams the Preacher 9:30
  • All Hallows Eve Festivities 10:22
  • Running through Fire 11:17
  • Quaint Border Rhymes 12:03
  • The Puzzling Jug 12:58
  • Bobbing for Apples 14:08
  • The Fiery Features of Guy Fawkes' Day 15:12
  • St. Clement's Day 16:35
  • Stripping the Carpenter 16:59


Names Used in this Section

All proper names, and words in Welsh or other languages, are recorded here in the show-notes and we've done our best to get the pronunciations right for you.

St. Ulric
Thomas Williams
Guy Fawkes
St. Clement
St. John's Eve
Myfyr Morganwg
Geleiniau Nadroedd
Sun-god Beal
Barnabe Googe

'Wheresoever Huldryche hath his place, the people there brings in
Both carpes and pykes, and mullets fat, his fauour here to win.'

Brychan Brycheiniog
Nos Calan Gauaf
Nos Cyn Gauaf
Teir Nos Ysprydnos
'Wissel wassel, bread and possel,
Cwrw da, plas yma'
Twco am falau
Bishop Sanderson


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